STOTTS Pilates SPX Home Reformer Package Review

Submitted by on Aug 17, 2014

Home fitness equipments are considered treasures by most fitness enthusiasts who have a corporate lifestyle. It is hard to find time to hit the gym as well as find good equipment that has equal capabilities to those in training centers. Good thing Merrithew Health & Fitness dedicated time to develop a home-based Pilates reformer that rivals gym machines. It is not only high in quality but also designed well in order to provide the needed exercise assistance.

The STOTTS Pilates Home Reformer offers people a complete reformer package at a reasonable price. Quality is never an issue with all its components guaranteed to be made of commercial grade materials. Every experience you get from an actual gym can now be experienced at home with the STOTTS Pilates Reformer.


Product Description

The SPX Home Reformer is a top-grade commercial fitness equipment package that is composed of several accessories and supporting tools in order for the user to perform different Pilates exercises. The variety of accessories also allows matching of levels, body shapes, and abilities. Minimal assembly is required and storage is easy.


Product Features

The STOTTS Pilates SPX Home Reformer is upholstered with vinyl sheets over EVA foam. It has C-channel aluminum railings with a patented rolling mechanism for noise-free exercises. It also has Pommel-style shoulder rests and easy-roll wheels. The gearbox can be positioned in 3 positions as well as the headrest. Similarly, the carriage stops at 6 positions and the foot-bar at 4. It provides 4 full tensions and 1 half tension spring resistance. It can accommodate a maximum height of 6’4” and a weight of 250 pounds.

The product package includes the main reformer, the box with an attached foot strap, an extender padded platform, a pole with a weighted metal roll-up, two exercise DVD tutorials, double-loop straps, and a full-color poster guide for beginners. The DVD’s contain 90 minutes of highly-effective workouts made by seasoned fitness experts.

The warranty for the product is divided into three parts. First, there is a limited lifetime warranty on the aluminum rails, frame components and welding, gear bar and foot bar mechanisms. 1 year is dedicated for the ropes, springs, clips, plastic pulley, covers, holders, and other removable or adjustable small components. All the rest are given a year warranty.

What Customers Are Saying

The majority of customers gave the SPX Home Reformer Package a rating of 5 out of 5 stars; some gave 4 stars, and there were no ratings less than that at the time this review was written. No one was disappointed with the exceptional quality and construction of this well-made reformer.

It is hard to find any complaints on the SPX Reformer, especially when bundled with other quality accessories. The only thing is that the reformer is lower than the commercial version, which can be expected with home-use equipment.



STOTTS Pilates has always been well-received by people all across the globe for their durable designs on home equipment. The SPX Home Reformer Package is a very good fit for every house that wants an exercise area with little interior revisions. Moreover, storage is easy and many exercises are possible. It is definitely worth the money to get this product.

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