STOTT PILATES Split-Pedal Stability Chair with Handles Review

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Pilates trainers and enthusiasts alike know that getting professional Pilates experience at home requires a well-built and commercial grade equipment. Fortunately, the market today offers the STOTT Pilates Chair. The chair is compact and durable made to support 170 different exercises utilizing sitting, standing and lying positions.

Commonly known as wunda chair, the product is best for training the body’s core muscles including the arms and the legs. For those who are after the best Pilates chair, the STOTT Pilates Split-Pedal Stability Chair with Handles is a good option.


Product Description

The STOTT Pilates Chair is made of wood with a padded platform like most chairs. Its design helps users sculpt and tone the body’s muscles by providing the right resistance during different exercises. The product is very easy to move and compact enough in order to fit in any type of storage space. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and welding, 90 days for the upholstery and 2 years on all other parts.


Product Features

The only chair in the market with a double-steel frame, the STOTT Pilates Split Pedal Stability Chair provides extra durability and comfort to its users. It also comes with an adjustable handles and spring tension. The pedals are attached independently and the handles can be locked for secure placement during dip exercises.

The base of support is smaller enabling bilateral, reciprocal and unilateral movements for complete balance and intense exercises. The foam is ultra-soft for comfort. There are also 3 hook-on springs, 2 light springs, and 2 heavy springs. All padded areas come with vinyl upholstery. The dimensions of the seat are 21.6” by 15”.

The product is approximately 31” wide, 31” long and 24” high. The height goes up to 55.5” including the handles. It can support a total weight of 350 pounds and has a surface that is easy to clean. The package also comes with a DVD for added guide during use.


What Customers Are Saying

Overall reviews suggest that customers are over the moon with this piece of equipment. Although assembly requires patience, it can be done in under an hour. Customers loved the outstanding quality and comfort of it, comparing it to commercial quality gym equipment. Its versatility and superior workmanship were also continually praised.

Here are some of the typical reviews you will find of the Stott Pilates® Split-Pedal Stability Chair with Handles:

The STOTT PILATES Split Pedal Stability Chair is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for all populations- regardless of fitness level or injuries. One of the key elements is listed right in the name of the equipment- stability. As posture and alignment are emphasized during each phase of each exercise, the chair challenges stability which in turn stregthens, tones, and improves balance. The split- pedal feature is so valuable that I wouldn’t even consider using a chair without this feature.

“ The STOTT PILATES chair is incredibly sturdy and versatile! It is an excellent piece of work out equipment and stands up to a lot use. It is far superior to the other Pilates chairs I have tried. The split pedal is a must.

I love the STOTT PILATES Split-Pedal Chair! I have tried pilates chairs by other companies, but this is the best one. You can get a much more diverse range of tensions on the springs than with any other chair which really allows you to customize the workout for your clients. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations! This chair is an incredible bargain!



The STOTT Pilates Split Pedal Stability Chair belongs to the highly-priced Pilates equipment in the market. Nevertheless, it packs serious benefits for users. The user experiences have been great and the product quality is superb in all areas. It is a good choice for homes with very little storage areas since it is compact.

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