Steve Cotter Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting Series 1 DVD Review

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Kettlebell training can offer you great variety and benefits when you follow the Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting DVDs. These are a set of five DVDs from Steve Cotter. This set is truly an encyclopedia as Cotter covers more than 180 kettlebell exercises. You will also find 16 complete workouts. This is why you will never be in need of any other kettlebell training assistance.

Product Description

The Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting is almost an all-inclusive kettlebell training set. You will find it stuffed with almost all the available kettlebell exercises. Fitness instructor Steve Cotter has organized all the exercises at different levels. Not only beginners but also pro athletes will be benefited form this DVD set. Moreover, you can get the exercises grouped at different levels of strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, and power. You can always customize according to your needs and expertise.

Product Features

Steve Cotter is not a simple fitness lover. He is a successful teacher also. In the DVDs you will find him giving clear instructions so that you can easily learn the movements. You will start doing the exercise with him in a few minutes. This DVD set is rather instructional than motivational. The clear and easy-to-follow instructions let you exercise like the pros. You cannot fail to notice what moves are right and what techniques are appropriate for kettlebell exercises.

The DVD set comes with 5 discs and the length is 7 hours. This set has the largest collection of kettlebell exercises fitness trainers can offer from anywhere of the world. There are 16 complete programs designed for beginners to super athletes. The exercises bring together strength, speed, power, endurance, or flexibility.

What Customers Are Saying

The Encyclopedia of Kettlebell lifting receives rave reviews from customers who love Steve’s clear instruction and teaching style.

Awesome tutorial. If your going to work out with kettlebells do yourself a favor and just get this now and save yourself from injury and have a much better kettlebell experience.

“ The way he shows how the technique is done combined with his ability to break down every movement verbally is the best I have ever seen.

“steve cotter explains things very well and the demos are very effective. it’s also a comprehensive set but it is a little pricy.


Please note that the Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting is a wonderful instructional DVD. It is not aimed to be a motivational workout video. You can follow these exercises but you will come up with a set of workouts that meet your needs. You will find it to be an exhaustive workout DVD set on Kettlebell training. You won’t regret spending your money on it.

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