Stamina AeroPilates Home Studio Review

Submitted by on Dec 6, 2013

Can’t go out for exercise because of the harsh weather? Or too busy to exercise? Then don’t worry, because no one is taking you away from the gym, but your gym is coming your way at your dwelling. Yes, it is possible with the help of Stamina AeroPilates Home Studio. No need to pay for a gym anymore. Because all you need is Stamina AeroPilates Home Studio to workout at your home without going out.

The Stamina AeroPilates Home Studio allows you to exercise in different dimensions to fulfill many different exercises in your home. It is a reformer, which allows you to perform many different exercises which tones your body just like the way you want.

Product Description

The Stamina AeroPilates Home Studio offers you an intense and low impact Cardio workout with the help of a rebounder. It also contains four resistance cords having adjustable intensity levels. Don’t worry about the comfort and portability , because it is completely portable and can be fit in a small place with an easy folding structure. It is quite reliable to buy and also gives you a 3 years frame and up to 90 days parts warranty. All and all it is the most comfortable Pilates, unlike other reformers.

Product Features

Stamina AeroPilates Home Studio is not just a piece of machine , but it is the most attractive reformer you came across. It contains some very distinctive features , unlike other reformers. It also comes with a set of DVD’s giving instructions and ways to exercise.

Some of its other features include Patented free form Cardio rebounder 2” higher than standard reformer. It also includes Four resistance cords, word side trim and end caps , padded and adjustable headrest, wider curved footbar and a molded hand grip. Not only that, it also comes along with comfortable shoulder pads and padded carriage.

It provides 3 DVD’s, one having the introduction to AeroPilates, while the second and the third one are the instructions for the workout with Cardio and Pure Pilates. It must be your priority because it is a lightweight reformer having a weight capacity up to 300 lbs. It is suitable for heights from 4’11” to 6’5”. It consists of the dimensions of 87”*20.5”*26”. Don’t worry for a place to put it, because it comes with a folding feature for easy storage and portable wheels. It also contains workout wall chart for the help during the workout.

What Customers Are Saying about Stamina AeroPilates Home Studio

“These machines can be expensive and for the price you can do quite a few exercises on it. I’m a little to tall and maybe too strong for this model, the aerobic workouts move the machine across the floor for me. Put it up against a couch, problem solved. ”

“There were a few kinks in putting it together but overall it was quite simple to assemble. The chart and DVD’s are easy to follow and really helpful. I wish that it came with some more advanced dvd’s for future use. I have used the machines at a gym before that cost thousands of dollars and this one is just as good as them and much more convient.”

“Sturdy, smooth action, visually attractive, ample size, provides a great pilates workout.”

Customer reviews for the AeroPilates Home Studio speak for themselves. It is a machine users thought will last a long time. They pointed out how well-made, sturdy, good looking, and easy to assemble the unit is. Space-wise, customers reported that indeed it doesn’t take up too much room.

The only drawback is that although it is foldable and on wheels, it is a tad cumbersome to wheel it around, especially if you need to do it after each use.


Stamina AeroPilates Home Studio is a complete answer to all your fitness problems. Instead of wasting money in your gym, Stamina AeroPilates Home Studio offers the most compact and effective solution to all your fitness problems. This product is highly recommended by the experts to those people who require a total fitness solution.

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