Lose Weight Easily By Having Sex

Submitted by on Sep 25, 2012

There are many things you can do to lose weight naturally but so far none is safe and better than having sex with your life partner. Most of us often over indulge in junk foods, not due to hunger, but primarily because our emotional needs are not satisfied. Research shows that indulging in safe sex can reduce your food cravings, which in turn will help you lose weight. However, this does not mean you should go around having sex with just about everyone that comes your way, but enjoying it in a loving relationship with your partner. Having sex is the best way to become fulfilled emotionally and this will in turn stop you from turning to eating for comfort.

Sex is the best exercise to burn fat naturally. When you enjoy the satisfaction and the intimacy of having sex with your partner, the brain instantly stops receiving signals expressing your desire to eat. Basically, sex usually releases feel-good elements as is food that we all enjoy indulging. Additionally, since your mind and hands are occupied, food will be the last thing on your mind. What better way to do away with those food cravings and lose weight than sex? This is the best way to lose fat and gain muscle naturally.

The other advantage of having amazing sex often is that you find sex enjoyable when you get slimmer. This will enhance your self-esteem and in turn you will feel more positive and attractive, which increases your libido. The notion that someone somewhere finds you attractive will uplift your self-esteem and will help keep you motivated to shed a few pounds. While this is the best way to burn fat naturally, overindulging is not necessary.

Did you know that sex is associated with low stress levels? Stress is directly linked to weight gain since you are susceptible to overindulging in comfort foods and unhealthy snacks when you feel low. By enjoying peace of mind and enjoying the company of your life partner, your stress levels will drop down significantly as you are more contented with your life. Additionally, sex as a breathtaking exercise to lose weight will help you sleep better, an essential factor that hinders weight gain.

Another reason why sex is the best exercise to lose fat and gain muscle is that it enhances your activity levels. You can shed about 120 calories in a session of spirited sexual activity. You will get fit instantly and every muscle group will get toned and in the process you will look and feel more pretty.

Other remarkable benefits of having good sex regularly include improving your heart rate, increasing blood flow, eliminating bad cholesterol, and slowing down the process of aging, while revitalizing your body and mind. So having good sex is surely the best exercise to lose fat naturally. Therefore for those of you who have been asking “Can sex really help you lose weight naturally” and the answer is a definite “yes”. You only need to ensure you practice healthy and safe sex.

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