Kathy Smith’s Kettlebell Solution Review

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Kettlebell Solution by Kathy Smith is an effective workout kit that offers 4 different workouts to help you keep fit. The solution also offers 2 soft kettlebells. Kathy Smith has passed a long way in the health industry. It’s not fewer than 30 years. She has already gained fame as a writer and creator of fitness DVDs. Her Kettlebell Solution is a great kit for those who love doing workouts with kettlebells.

Product Description

Kathy Smith’s Kettlebell Solution accommodates one 3 lb and another 5 lb kettlebell. Both the kettlebells are soft. You might think that these are not really heavy. However, if you are not already used to such weights, your muscles would be burning.

The accompanying DVD set starts with a 5-minute warmup session. Then it focuses on 4 different workouts. These workouts target the core, buns, thighs, and upper body while fat burning occurs. This Kettlebell Solution also comes with a nutrition guide. Moreover, an instructional wall chart will be your assisting guide.

Product Features

Kathy Smith’s Kettlebell Solution works for various purposes. You can achieve stretching, strengthening, toning, and weight loss goals. Whether you are at beginner or advanced level of fitness does not make any difference. You can use this fitness solution.

The solution starts with a warmup session followed by four workouts. You can choose any of these four to start. You will enjoy the full range motion exercises with kettlebells. A 3-lb and another 5-lb soft kettlebells accompany the DVDs. You will also get an instructional wall chart and a nutrition guide to help you plan and observe your diet and exercise. Here you will also find tips for staying motivated and making delicious meals.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers say they love this workout and that it’s an enjoyable way to get fit and toned. Let’s have a look at a few reviews below.

Great workout. Easy to follow but really gives you a great workout. The kettlebells are great for toning and the cardio portion of the dvd is wonderful.

“ Kathy makes exercising fun and easy. I plan to lose my extra 20 pounds using this method. It only takes 20 minutes.

Great system! Great results! This has been a helpful exercise program for me. Some of the exercises are very challenging, so take it slow and gradually increase your efforts.


Kathy Smith’s Kettlebell Solution is mainly for the mid-beginner level fitness lovers. Its fun way of losing weight and getting fit is quite unique as well as buoyant. When you want to make the workouts challenging for you, you simply need to practice with a heavier kettlebell.

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