Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit Review

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Many fitness lovers feel bored with training sessions as the workout sessions may lack fun. Also, many training programs are quite difficult to follow. The Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone workouts are simply the opposite as these are a fun and easy to follow way of getting fit. Master instructor Michelle Khai has designed this kit demonstrating three routines. Many fitness lovers find Khai to be a fitness sensation for her innovative ideas and style. She has devised everything for both beginners and advanced level people. You can start at one point and move on challenging yourself.

Product Description

The Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit is on two DVDs and demonstrates three workouts. A weight loss success guide accompanies this kit. To motivate you to start doing the workouts you will be provided with a 4lb kettlebell also. Before becoming a fitness instructor, Michelle Khai was a professional dancer. This is why you will find a superb blend of music and rhythmic movements in the workouts. Everything goes like flowing water and you can easily get the tempo.

Kettlenetics is based on the concept that whole body resistance training can help one gain strength and taming of one’s body. You will burn fat while your muscles gain mass. KB Elements are integrated in the workouts. You will start doing Kettlebell workouts. Then there are the FlowMotion Basics to sculpt your body. The 40-Minute Cardio Balanced workout will definitely aid fat burning.

Product Features

Kettlenetics integrates the fun and soul of dancing into kettlebells workouts to help people achieve strength and body toning. Michelle Khai’s professional dancing essence is inside the kit. The Russian Twist and three layer crunch are the popular moves you find in the training. The moves affect the whole body development. The DVDs offer three workouts that are for both beginners and pros.

It is important that the workout time is not long. However these short sessions are quite effective. The exercises are both standing and floor types. So your whole body gets toned and sculpted. The kit comes with a 4lb kettlebell and a weight loss success guide. These additions act as motivational tool.

What Customers Are Saying

The Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit has received great reviews from customers. They say it’s a fabulous deal for the price because there’s so much included in the kit. Those wanting to get fit say that it’s an easy and fun workout that produces real results.

I love that the kit includes 2 dvd’s with 3 different workouts. Two are 20 minutes long, and are perfect for getting a quick workout in. The 40 minute dvd is challenging, but Michelle Khai’s pacing is wonderful.

“I needed a cardio workout at home while taking care of my mother and this kit is fantastic. First I was like what is a 4lb weight going to do for me. I wasn’t sore but it definitely intensified my workout, and you can go at your own pace.

awesome tool! Tightens muscles you didn’t know you had…it’s a must if you want to tone up! Buy it and try it!


Michelle Khai is a true dancer and fitness instructor as she has proved his worth in the Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit. Anyone can tone and strengthen their body in a fun way. This easy to follow slim and tone kit will provide you with both fun and fitness.

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