Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Review

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Rowing is a way to exercise with some useful aerobic techniques. In this technique every single muscle of the body is targeted to create a complete workout. It also benefits your lungs and hearts. Another benefit of this exercise is , that it is equally dependable and beneficial at the same time. It helps to burn calories and relieve stress necessary for a productive mind. It is not designated for any age group or gender, all the age groups can seek benefit from rowing.

People are generally worried about the reliability of the rowing machine they should buy. I would recommend you the Model D indoor rowing machine which is the optimum choice by most of the people. They produce reliable and quality machines that are used in many schools , clubs , fitness centers and homes since from 1986.

Product Description

The Model D indoor rowing machine is unique in its own sense. It is the worlds leading indoor rowing machine brand with a superb quality and workout functions. Still concerned about the quality? And so you must be glad to know that the Model D indoor rowing machine comes with a 2 year warranty for parts and 5 year warranty for frame.

Product Features

It is not considered to be a choice of people for nothing. It includes many unique features which set it apart from other rowers. They include PM3 Performance Monitor that tracks distance, speed, pace, calories and watts, adjustable footrests to accommodate wide feet, ergonomic handles allowing natural arm and hand position, sliding seat on stainless steel tracks allowing full leg involvement and a total body workout and Caster wheels for mobility. Not only that , it also includes 5 unique display options which display all the data , rowing pace , force curve, bar chart and large print at the same time.  It also includes spiral damper controlling air flow to the flywheel. It got the capacity to hold 500lbs of weight. These are not all , it has also come along with the bold new color scheme and graphics . Another feature which makes it unique is its easy to separate and transfer capability. It also contains a footprint of 9’ x 4’.

Still concerned about its features? Then you must know everything about it. In addition to all these features the Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine is powered by a generator for saving energy and prolonging battery life. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with the rowing community worldwide with its online challenges with the Million Meter Club. Some extra features also include 1 log card , USB connection cable and Concept2 chain oil.

What Customers Are Saying

Shipped quickly, assembled easily and stores out of the way. Even my son uses it, he loves the fish game.

This is an excellent product. It works perfectly and will undoubtedly last many years. I am 100% happy with it. I have linked it to my Samsung so I have a record of every session. The best part of it though is that you can upload your times to the “Online World Rankings”. This gives you the ability to see how you are doing against your age group – a fantastic motivational tool. If you are looking for a rowing machine, I cannot see why you would buy anything other than the Concept 2.

This is one of my favorite pieces of cardio equipment. The Concept2 rower is definitely the best rower I’ve ever used. I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything!!!.

You really can’t wrong when a product gets good reviews such as these.  Customers were happy with the solid build, comprehensive performance monitor, quiet operation, ease of assembly, the variety of workouts, and low maintenance required of this machine.

The price is an issue with few, but one can expect to pay more for unbeaten quality.


The rowing machine is mostly the choice of all the people despite of age limit. The Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine is mostly preferred by the users and they choose this to place it in their homes. With different programs of high and low intensity, this machine is the ideal piece of equipment to utilize. It provides you a number of rehabilitative exercises covering almost all the muscles of the body. So, if you are in search of a complete workout plan, I must recommend you the Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine.

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