Cap Barbell Kettlebell Review

Submitted by on Dec 11, 2013

In the 1700’s the Russian military introduced the use of kettlebells to carve the body while fat burning and strengthening benefits accompanied. In the last 50 or 60 years kettlebells came back again but it is not the military but the athletes are more interested in this workout tool now. Kettlebells have become a popular workout aid for the fitness enthusiasts. Exercising with kettlebells as part of everyday practice has proven to be very beneficial.

Cap Barbell Kettlebell is now one of the most used kettlebells among the fitness enthusiasts. You can get this kettlebell in different weights ranging from 15 lb to 70 lb. Solid cast iron is used to make these kettlebells. Moreover, the machine polishing gives them an attractive glossy look. They are in one color: black. You can see the weight printed on the side of the bells. The Cap Barbell Kettlebells offer a 30 day manufacturer’s warranty.

Product Description

You will enjoy holding this kettlebell as it comes with a large, soft and easy to hold handle. This black, machine finished bell is perfect for many types of exercises. The core and other muscles get shaped well as lifting and controlling this kettlebell employs appropriate pressure. You need to contract different groups of muscles while you balance and use strength in lifting and controlling the bell. This is how you can get a whole body workout.

Product Features

The Cap Barbell Kettlebell comes with a simple but effective design. This can be used in an assortment of exercises to shape and strengthen the entire body. This kettlebell is quite effective to achieve whole body toning as you can use it in many types of workouts to exercise various muscle groups.

This whole body exerciser comes in 11 sizes ranging from 15 lbs to 70 lbs. It has a solid cast iron construction. Its machine finish gives it a glossy look on its black body. You get it with a 30-day warranty.

What Customers Are Saying

From hundreds of reviews customers rate the Cap Barbell Kettlebell 4.4 out of 5 stars. They say it has a thick handle and a smooth finish which makes it easy to hold.

“This is exactly what I was looking for like the one I use at the gym. This item was received in great condition and packaged well.

“This kettlebell is easy to hold and is just what I needed. I think 15 pounds is a great place to start for someone who is new to kettlebells.

“I LOVE it. I love that it is one solid piece. It arrived a day later than it was supposed to, but it was worth it. I will definitely purchase another one from this company.


The finish on the Cap Barbell Kettlebell is simply eye-catching. Its wide handle helps you use it comfortably while you enjoy a series of exercises. Moreover, you can feel the softness of the handle. This kettlebell is really affordable with its low price range. Your workout sessions will be more effective when you use one.

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