Can We Possibly Burn Fat By Meditation?

Submitted by on Dec 3, 2012

Can quiet reflection or meditation help burn fat? Of course, it can. In fact, it can be the best way to lose weight.

You might never have thought of

Meditation as a way to lose weight

The mind is on a fast move, and sitting to relax for some moments is not enough time to let the mind slow down. Are you aware of the fact that for some vacations to be efficient at minimum of two weeks? The first week slows our mind down. The mind and body vacations actually start during the other week.


The advantages of meditation or a quiet reflection comprise:-

  • calming the mind and body,
  • minimizing stress,
  • promoting relaxation,
  • clearing the mind,
  • bringing in a feeling of well-being,
  • opening the mind to more creative and positive thoughts,
  • and opening the path for us to link with God.


In daily life there exist the thoughts that don’t get a chance to come forward or to turn into practical. Usually the heart is not heard over demands of life and the ringing of mind. While doing mediation, our valuable spirit could uncover itself to us. Still quiet voice gets an opportunity to speak and the heart could be heard. The dreams which are in need of living can be discovered. In meditation, you will be able to get the strength you require to do all big things in life, such as burning fat.


Choose a quiet area in your home to sit down for meditation. Make yourself comfortable, but limited to a point where you do not sleep. If you feel like sleeping, get your sleep first and then get back to your meditation when you are fresh. You can also set the place by listening to soft and delicate music (preferably without any lyrics), lighting a candle, and having an aroma remedy diffuser sending soothing fragrances into the air. Any scent that pleases you can be used. Citrus, frankincense and Lavender can be good choices.


Next take deep, slow breaths until your body starts feeling relaxed. If your mind is being troubled, count your breaths 1 to 10. Begin to feel the inhaling, the space, the exhaling and the space. Once your mind is calm, you can reflex on a problem, your day, or a goal you set. Meditating lifts your spirits, gets you rid of negative thinking, allows wider possibilities and much more.


Now the question is how does quiet reflection and meditation help burn fat? As you become relieved in and stress leaves your mind, you are going to think and live openly. You will admire yourself and your self-esteem will soar. You will be open to think why you opt to eat so much and so unhealthy foods, which will help you correct this routine of yours. Choosing food items that lead to diseases will no longer be an option for you. You will go for eating less and eating better, which is for sure the foremost and good way to lose weight. The concept here is a little similar to my previous post “Can You Really Burn Fat While You Nap?”


By adding meditation to your daily routine, it will take no time that exercises too will be appealing to you. You will learn that exercises clear the mind and tune the body, and doing some exercises to burn fat is always useful.

A clear and awake mind doesn’t need sugar or caffeine.

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