8 Fun Ways to Burn Fat for Busy Moms

Submitted by on Sep 15, 2012

Working moms find it difficult to juggle their daily responsibilities and still have extra time to shed off a few pounds. It rather seems easy for your friend to recommend the best exercise to lose fat but how can you manage to find a good regimen despite of your hectic schedule? Do you have extra time to buy low-calorie diets and other ingredients? Well, I will share with you the best way to burn fat.

Here are 8 easy tips that can fit nicely into your busy schedule.

1. You can find exercise classes at your local area that also provide child-friendly activities. There are many places that have babysitting amenities and some even have exercise sessions, and computer classes to help keep your children entertained while you enjoy your workouts with other moms.

2. Find an activity that you can do with your kids. For instance, you can clean your compound or take your kids for a fantastic ride on their bikes. This is the best way to burn fat and also offers you ample time to spend with your children. Riding a bike with your kids is the best exercise to burn fat as it is less strenuous compared to gym workouts.

3. Why not start a kitchen garden on your yard and get healthy veggies to help you burn off those calories as you hoe, plant and weed. It is important to teach your kids about the many perks of doing exercises and eating a balanced diet, and this will motivate you to attain your weight loss goals as well. As you can see, the best way to burn fat is possible without getting gym membership.

4. Jog alongside the kids as they ride their bikes around the neighborhood. This is the best way to burn fat naturally. Why sit at the park and let the kids enjoy the benefits of this easy natural exercise? One hour ride on your bike can burn 100 calories in a day and the best thing about this exercise to burn fat is that you will spend quality time with your kids.

5. Walk to the store or around the park when you are not busy. Shedding few pounds can be an adventure and walking is the best exercise to burn fat. You can do this activity every day and enjoy the fresh air as you eliminate all ‘’mommy’’ worries alongside burning those extra calories.

6. Make sure you participate in what your toddlers are doing while at the park. Join their game instead of seating there watching. Re-discover the joy and fun of running around with your kids and you will notice significant weight loss after a few weeks.

7. As mentioned earlier on, a ride on your bike is the best exercise to burn fat. Instead of moving around in your car, try riding your bike whenever possible to burn fat naturally. This is not only living green but also a great way to shed off those excess pounds.

8. Instead of snacking throughout the day, you should eat more veggies and fruits. Put in mind that broiled and steamed veggies are healthier than snacks. Eating healthy is therefore the best way to burn fat naturally.

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