6 Tips How To Burn Fat And Get Ripped Without Overtraining

Submitted by on Sep 4, 2012

The best way to burn fat and get ripped, like body shape, often varies from one person to the next. Genetics for instance play an integral role in building mass so what can work for you may not necessarily work for your friend. Getting ripped is not that difficult when you set your mind to work smart at the gym, not hard.

What is the best way to build muscle without spending too much at the gym? Read on and learn the best way to build muscle lose weight quick.

Tip 1, Rest After Workout

Keep in mind that the best way to burn fat is having plenty of rest after working out. Many folks have a misplaced idea that they have to exercise the entire day to see results but this is not the case. Over-training your muscles can harm your progress and injury is inevitable when you lose proper form during your workouts. The best way to burn fat is taking baby steps while at the gym. Take your time and ensure you get sufficient rest after workouts for optimum results.

Tip 2, Trick Your Mind At The Gym

The best way to lose fat and gain muscle is focus. Trick your mind to remain consistent throughout your workouts. If there are days when you feel less motivated to workout, simply trick your mind that you will only train for 20 minutes. This is a great way to foster consistency. Consistency at the gym, be it aerobics or weight training, can help produce amazing results.

Tip 3, Exercise To Failure

Another best way to burn fat is to ensure you exercise to failure. This is the stage when you can lift no more. However, you should keep your reps down and ensure that failure only comes when your muscles can not push any further, but not from performing over 20 reps. Heavy weight and low repetitions is the best way to build muscle lose weight.

Tip 4, Perform Super-Sets

Try to perform super-sets  Performing super-sets is the best way to lose fat and gain muscle because it helps make your workouts intense and challenging, and actually shorten the time you spend at the gym. What better way to get ripped fast in less time? Do you know how to super-set? Basically, this is when you complete one set, rest for a short period, and then jump to the next set.

Tip 5, Follow Your Own Time Table

It is unclear how many days you should workout in a week. Some folks believe that four times is enough and others recommend five days. As mentioned earlier on, training intensity varies from one person to the next. I personally train five days a week for an hour or two. Remember that over-training only hampers your progress. Simply find the best way to burn fat regimen and stick to it.

 Tip 6, Exercise The Whole Body

Many folks only focus on working the body regions they find attractive. Although each one of us has his own goals, a great way to ensure you build muscle fast is by exercising the whole body systematically. Training your legs not only is the best way to burn fat but enhances your overall body strength as well.

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